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Two Hearts... One Dream
Two Lives... One Theme

​                                                                  Communicating as a Team of Two...
                                                                    Simple but Not Easy

Under stress, couples tend to retreat to the isolation of doing ministry alone, which destroys the team.  This option is designed to unite your team by providing 10 effective communication tools.

Team Teaching as a Team of Two
Couples often find it a real challenge to teach together considering the very different styles of preparation and presentation.  This option focuses on developing your unique teaching approach.

Marriage Coaching for Couples In Ministry

As a couple in ministry, have you ever wondered what it would be like to have another pastor or pastor’s wife to confide in... someone who does not live in your town or attend your church?

As a couple in the ministry, Dave and Dawn have always had a very special place in their hearts for the pastor and his wife. Over the years, they have had the privilege of assisting many leaders throughout the United States in their Christian journey. And now they are here for you, too.

Unclutter Your Lives 

Staying focused on your joint purpose as a Team of Two isn't easy, especially if you are constantly shuffling through clutter and poor systems.  Apply creative strategies for joint systems to simplify your lives.


WHO Am I?  ... 
and What in the WORLD Am I Doing?

With the goal of developing healthy Christian relationships, you will be coached to discover your strengths and individual life purposes. You will be able to articulate your purpose in one word and ultimately in one sentence.

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Workshops and Couple Coaching Topics
Develop a Team of Two​  As ministry leaders or pastors and wives, do you often feel that you and your partner are in parallel but separate ministries? Learn how to develop your own Team of Two by articulating a joint vision for your marriage and realize how each partner is essential to the team.  Discover a 7 step method for defining your joint vision in 15 words or less.

Communication Essentials

Do you wish you had a way to develop meaningful relationships?  This training offers 20 communication tools such as how to fully listen, how to have a fair fight and how to cure emotional allergies.


      Leading From Your Strengths 

This amazing assessment is designed to maximize the Team of Two relationships by focusing on strengths and blending differences.