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Scott and Carrie's Joint Vision
We help people by providing hope, encouragement and creative strategies that point people to God and to his wisdom for their lives.
"As we enter a new family life stage and are both freed up to do more ministry, we wanted to develop a joint vision and mission statement as a couple.Dave and Dawn Lind worked with us to do just that. We feel refreshed and energized as they helped us mold a new perspective for our partnership. We're excited about the next phase of our lives and ministries."
Dr. Scott & Carrie Turansky
National Center For Biblical Parenting
"Team of Two Coaching®  has dramatically impacted both our marriage and our ministry. The coaching we received from Dave and Dawn Lind helped make what was once just a vague notion, into what is now an astounding reality. We can’t think of a more biblical model than what we learned through Team of Two Coaching ® 
as it mirrors exactly what Christ did when He sent out His disciples two by two, in order to prepare the world for His coming (Luke 10:1). Dave and Dawn’s authentic approach will undeniably give feet to your purpose and flight to your dreams."
Clint & Penny Bragg
Inverse Ministries
National Marriage Missionaries
Two Hearts... One Dream
Two Lives... One Theme
Clint and Penny Bragg
Dr. Robert and Jenni Paul
National Institute of Marriage
Pastor Patrick and Dwaina Six
Pastor Richard & JeannaLynn May
Ret. Colonel Len & Lynne Benson
Marriage Mentors
Dr. Scott & Carrie Turansky
New Jersey
Harold & Bette Gillogly
Growing Toward Oneness- Directors
Alan & Pauly Heller
Walk & Talk Ministries
After having a direct connection with Dave and Dawn for every year of my existence, I suppose that I have been one of the longest clients to the services that my parents offer. I have had the absolute privilege of being coached for an entire lifetime with valuable insight, effective instruction and caring support from the two most influential people in my life.
With a careful eye, I have continued to watch as both of my parents have gone through the wide array of life’s ups and downs and have persisted as the two most spiritual, honorable and genuine people I have ever known.Not only have I experienced their coaching firsthand, but I have also observed the huge impact they have had on so many... both eternally and with finding their God-given purposes in life.
Dave and Dawn are very personable, passionate and knowledgeable in the coaching field. Their teachings come from a lifetime of hard work, study and a long list of personal experiences. With their immense wisdom, caring support and contagious enthusiasm I would want no one else coaching me with the most important foundations in my life: pursuing my dreams and living out my life purpose.
Pastor Glenn & Laura Davis
            Josh & Amy Lind
Pastor Bill & Lynn Kingsley
Eric & Jennifer Garcia
AMFM Founders
Steve & Christie Bravo
The Leadership Center- Directors
New Hampshire
Our Favorite Endorsement is from our son Josh!
(If we can't coach our own children, we have no business coaching you!)